Our teachers

The Ardévaz-SLS school strives to develop your personal qualities, based on a faculty deeply convinced of your chances of success.

Our team of teachers is one of our strengths. Ardévaz-SLS has ten teachers, specialized in the branch they teach. They are very available, experienced and loyal, most have more than ten years of teaching in our school. Their professionalism allows them to identify quickly your shortcomings and difficulties. They provide education that meets your needs. By their enthusiasm and dynamism, you feel encouraged to express yourself and to participate actively.

The specificity of the language courses in the Ardévaz SLS-school is the fact that each teacher teaches its branch; therefore the students get to see 2-3 different teachers every day. To see different teachers allow the student:

  • To avoid monotony in the rhythm of the course
  • To get used to the hear different accents
  • To discover interests and different sensitivities
  • To experience diverse linguistic approaches